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Report processing

The steps CyberEthics Hotline follows in order to process reports it receives, are:

Verification: First, CyberEthics Hotline performs a typical verification of the reported content. If, for example, the report complains about a website, CyberEthics Hotline verifies that the address (URL) given exists and that its content is possibly illegal.

Tracing the source: Then, an attempt is made, using technical means, to trace the country where the reported content originates from.

Cyprus Police notification: CyberEthics Hotline forwards reports hosted in the country without accessing the content of the website. If illegal, furher action is taken by the Police and the Hotline is notified of the outcomes.

Foreign hotline notification: If the reported content originates from abroad, the report is forwarded to a hotline in the country of origin (if one exists) through INHOPE's URL Database.

Feedback: If the user that made the report requests feedback and sufficient contact information is provided, then CyberEthics Hotline informs him/her of the actions taken based on his/her report.