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How to make a report

You can select one of the following ways to submit your report. On-line reports are preferable since they are accepted automatically. Please consult beforehand the guidelines section in order to provide a complete set of information.

Online: You could fill in the online reporting form
22 67 47 47
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Mob App:
CyberEthics HotHelp mob app

In order to make the processing of your report as effective as possible you are required to provide us with specific information depending on the location and type of illegal content you encountered.

For each different type of report please be prepared to provide us with the corresponding information:

Website: Website address (URL), day and time you looked at the content, type of content, a free text description of the content.
Newsgroup: Name of newsgroup, message ID, message sender, message subject, date of the message, type of message content, a free text description of the content.

You could always choose to keep your anonymity by not providing contact information. Making an online report does not automatically imply that you lose your anonymity. We register only the information you give to the online form. We do not register any other information, not even the IP address of the machine you use to submit your report.

Contact Information
If you wish to be notified about the outcome of your report you should provide us with sufficient contact information:
First Name, last Name, address, email, etc.