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CyberEthics GII


The first main objective of the project was the unification of the Hotline with the Awareness Center and the second the establishment of the Helpline. More specifically the Awareness Nodes devised cohesive, hard-hitting and targeted awareness campaigns using the most appropriate media, taking into account best practice and experience in other countries and involved the participation of children and young people through youth panels. Additionally the Awareness Nodes established and maintained formal and informal partnerships and promoted dialogue and exchange of information with key players (i.e. government agencies, press and media groups, ISP associations) and actions relating to safer use of internet and other online technologies. The Awareness Center actively cooperated with other national nodes in the European network by the exchange of information about best practices, participated in meetings, designed and implemented a European approach and took an active part in European-level events and in the organisation of regional and local events for Safer Internet Day. The main objective for the Hotline was to continue to operate  in Cyprus to receive information from the public relating to illegal content, dealing rapidly with complaints received and drawing up a manual of procedures in cooperation with law enforcement authorities and in accordance with best practice guidelines drawn up by the network. The Helpline operated with main aim to help children raise concerns about illegal and harmful content, harmful conduct (grooming and cyberbullying) and distressing experiences related to their use of online technologies.


Image of the NGO CNTI, Coordinator of CyberEthics Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute (CNTI)
CNTI is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with activities at the interface between science and society.
 PI Logo

Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (CPI)

The Cyprus Pedagogical Institute operates under the Ministry of Ecucation and Culture.


Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA)

CYTA is a corporate body established in Cyprusby Law and is responsible for the provision, maintenance and development of telecommunications facilities, both local and overseas.

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Pancyprian Coordinating Committee for the Protection and Welfare of Children (PCCPWC)

PCCPWC is the national body working towards the full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and advocating for children, both within Cyprus and abroad.

 Image of the NGO Olive Branch Foundation

Olive Tree Branch Foundation

The Olive Tree Branch will campaign in all human rights associations in North Cyprus.