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CyberEthics GI


The first objective of the project was to implement a strong campaign, under the acronym "CyberEthics" concerning the safe use of Internet in Cyprus, which would serve the needs of all people that live on the island (i.e., also Turkish Cypriots and other minorities) and address not only issues of pornography, but also racism (currently on the rise in Cyprus), gender discrimination and inappropriate use of peoples' images. The second objective was to engage in the process actors from the government and the civil society, thus contributing towards the eradication of cyber crime through informed actions of European citizens and public institutions that aim to change behaviours, mentality and attitudes, giving special emphasis to rural and less developed areas of the country. Taking advantage of the CNTI's expertise and international network in mobile technologies attention was also be given to unethical/illegal usages of all new online technologies (i.e., mobile and broadband content, online games, peer-to-peer file transfer and all other forms of real-time communication).



Image of the NGO CNTI, Coordinator of CyberEthics Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute (CNTI)
CNTI is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with activities at the interface between science and society.
 Image of the NGO Olive Branch Foundation Olive Tree Branch Foundation
The Olive Tree Branch will campaign in all human rights associations in North Cyprus. 
 Image of the TV channel Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CYBC)
CYBC is Cyprus' public broadcasting service, transmitting island-wide on three radio and two television channels.
 Image of the University of Cyprus  University of Cyprus
The Department of Social and Political Sciences aims to promote research and knowledge in the fields of Sociology and Political Science as well as raise awareness and sensitivity among the public at large on sociopolitical issues.
 Image of the NGO Family Planning  Family Planning Association
Protects and advocates for the sexual and reproductive rights of all women, men and young people.