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Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute

CNTI is aLogo of the Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute grass root, non-governmental organization active in issues of technology and youth for over a decade. CNTI is currently implementing the Cyprus Safer Internet Centre 'CyberEthics'. It is active in the field of Internet Safety implementing also other projects such as InetRisks - a project that studied the perceptions of parents on Internet dangers, Simsafety - a Web 3.0 technology game simulating Internet dangers in a Second Life like environment and IDentifEYE - an Augmented Reality game dealing with the issue of online data and emerging identities. CNTI is also active in RTD in the area of Internet Safety, especially through its membership to the EU Kids Online Network.


 Pedagogical Institute, Ministry of Education (CPI)

PI LogoThe Pedagogical Institute and specifically the department of educational technology, is active in: a) in-service training for teachers in the use of Information and Communication Technologies, b) technological support for the running programs of the Pedagogical Institute, c) production and dissemination of multimedia material, d) promotion of projects in using ICT in education. CPI is intensely involved in Internet Safety, not only through its involvement through the CyberEthics project but also through its involvement in the development of curricula specifically directed on this issue. CPI organizes teachers trainings on ICT and Internet safety, that enable educators to learn how to deliver ICT safety content to their students.



MTN LOGO NEWMTN is one of the largest telecommunications providers in Cyprus. The company has already trained a team of experts to focus on providing societal services on the safer use of the internet for kids. MTN has aligned its strategies with those of CyberEthics. It offers integrated telecommunications solutions for mobile, fixed telephony and broadband services, providing pioneering solutions for private and business clients. MTN currently owns the most technologically advanced network in Cyprus. As a responsible corporate citizen, MTN contributes to the society through sports, education, youth entrepreneurship, culture programmes and corporate volunteerism. MTN is a company with great interest on internet safety and with employees with many new, radical and innovative ideas. MTN will be responsible for the Hotline and lead the dissemination of the project.


Pancyprian Coordinating Committee for the Protection and Welfare of Children

The PCpagkupria logoCPWC is a national body working towards the full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and advocating for children, both within Cyprus and abroad. Establishing and regulating the Cyprus Children’s Parliament is considered to be one of the most, if not the most, important contribution of the PCCPWC towards the implementation of Children’s Rights in Cyprus, especially the right to Participation. PCCPWC was operating the Helpline on Internet Safety from 2009 until 2015 and the Children's Parliament is actively involved in the project through them.


Youth Board of Cyprus (not-funded partner)

ONEK ENGLThe Youth Board of Cyprus was established by virtue of Law 33(1)/94, enacted by the House of Representatives, in April 1994. It aims at promoting progress and prosperity for all the young people of Cyprus, regardless of religion, ethnic and racial origin. It also promotes young people's active participation in the social, economic and cultural development of our country. The following policy areas are among the Youth Board's priorities: Participation, volunteerism, evaluation of youth policy, youth information, positive lifestyle, prevention-addictive substances, campaigns, employment-entrepreneurship and international cooperation. Given their strategic position in the Cyprus society, the Youth Board of Cyprus will assist in activities related to youth participation and parental engagement, as well in the promotion of the project to the general public.