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Tips for parents to ensure child safety on Pokémon Go

It's easy enough to look at the app after your child has returned home to see what has been done, but it's more important that your child know how to be safe while out playing the game. As long as everyone is playing safe, the chances of something bad happening are significantly lower. Every parent has different rules for their kids, but there are some universal things that make sense for this game.

  1. Use something other than your first and last name as a username in the game.
  2. Don't stare at your phone while crossing a street. Use Battery Saver and hold your phone at your side when walking somewhere dangerous.
  3. Avoid going out after dark by yourself, and travel in groups of three or more at night.
  4. Make sure someone knows the general area you are going to play.
  5. Take breaks. Squinting at your screen in direct sunlight for hours is terrible for your eyes.

pokemon go frustration

Most important of all, have fun! This game can be deeply rewarding if you're out playing with friends, and it probably wouldn't kill Mom and Dad to give the game a shot as well. Who knows, maybe you'll be better at it than your kids!