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Sony playstation data of millions of customers stolen

Huge data theft at the electronics giant Sony: Hacker drew information about the 77 million customers of the Playstation Network as well as the streaming service from Qriocity.


Hackers have captured the data of millions of customers of the online services of the electronics giant Sony. An unknown person had gained access to personal information such as name, address, e-mail or date of birth, warned the company about 77 million users of the Playstation Network as well as video and music services Qriocity. Also, logins and passwords had been spied on present knowledge, may also include a list of purchases.

Although there currently is no evidence that even credit card details were skimmed off, "we can not leave this entirely out of consideration," Sony, in his company blog . Customers should now be particularly vigilant to sit up any fraud, and check their account.

The hacker or were of 17 to 19 April entered the customer databases. Sony was then shut down its online services completely. When they run again, leaving open the Group. In U.S. media, it was said, until then, could still take a week.

About the PlayStation Network, users can play together, chat and watch movies. More and more games for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, the mobile now have online components. Under the name Qriocity the Group distributes music and videos again. Most of the customers of both services is from Germany.

Who is behind the attack remained unclear. A guess is that the attack might have been an act of revenge, after Sony Playstation hackers sued two . The young man who had been hacked Apple's iPhone cracked, the protective mechanism of the console so that you copied to and were able to run self-made games - despite the fact that the Playstation was protected very well. For instructions, he published on the web. According to the lawsuit, the group settled out of court and the hacker. He had to promise not to distribute more of the hacker software and then wrote in a blog that he join a boycott of Sony products.

Anonymous activists of the network at the beginning of April of the dispute hacker attacks on Web sites launched for Sony, denied responsibility for the theft from him. Although it could be that this is one of independent action by Anonymous constitutes, it said in a blog entry . The network itself has nothing to do and do not take any responsibility for any consequences of the hack. Sony called the activists "incompetent".

(Zeit Online, translated article, original article)