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Two men remanded for child pornography

TWO men, one Cypriot and the other British, were yesterday issued a four and seven day remand order respectively in relation to possession of child pornographic material.

The Cypriot has already been convicted of possession of child pornographic material in 2010 and was fined €9,000.

The British man lives in the British Bases whose authorities are conducting their investigations in cooperation with Cyprus Police Electronic Crime Department.

Initial investigations of their computers after a police raid early yesterday morning revealed pornographic pictures and videos

Another British man and a Cypriot are also being investigated.

Police have confiscated six computers and also memory cards and other evidence, police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said yesterday.

They are investigating possession of child pornography material in online or print form as well as on computers but also the promotion of pornography via computers.

The investigations come after a message from Interpol in early January regarding an international internet child prostitution ring.

Cyprus police “found five email addresses whose owners downloaded videos via a website hosting child pornography material at specific times and dates,” Katsounotos said.

Police managed to identify four out of the five individuals (in Nicosia and the British Bases) and issued search warrants in collaboration with the bases authorities.