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CyberEthics provided a training to help Armenia set up a Hotline

The CyberEthics consortium and Advisory Board is interested in helping third countries promote safer Internet, create a Hotline and a Helpline. As part of this effort CyberEthics provided a two-day in-house training in Cyprus to help Armenia set up a Hotline in collaboration with World Vision Cyprus. The training was considered a success by both participants and trainers. CyberEthics still provides counseling through email when needed.

As a result of the training, World Vision Armenia in partnership with other stakeholders arranged a comeptition amongst children to reveal positive and negative sides of the internet and promote safer internet usage during Safer Internet Day. Around 100 children developed video clips in the frame of World Vision's Keeping Children Safe On-line project. After sharing the results of the competition a press conference was organised to stress the importance of Safer Internet Day. This was followed by a round-table discussion among stakeholders to create effective mechanisms to respond to cases of on-line abuse and take preventive actions. For more information please see