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Andreas Tryfonos Meets with CyberEthics Team

On the 27th of August Mr. Andreas Tryfonos met with the CyberEthics team to learn more about the state of affairs regarding promotion of safer Internet in Cyprus. Mr. Tryfonos is studying Computer Forensics at Leeds Metropolitan University in England. Computer Forensics is a relatively new subject and deals with the investigation of computer crimes.

Mr. Tryfonos heard about CyberEthics through its TV spots regarding computer crimes. As he explained to the CyberEthics team, he became instantly interested to visit the CyberEthics website and inform himself about its cause. He found the website quite interesting, especially the news and announcements sections and the sections with information for the general public.

The team members informed him in detail about CyberEthics. In particular, the Coordinators, Georgina Shitta, Aysu Arsoy and Nicolas Kasparis presented their projects. Mr. Tryfonos expressed interest to serve as an intern next summer so that he can gain experience in the domain. Dr. Laouris responded positively and also offered Mr. Tryfonos an affiliation with the team as external affiliated associate. He also invited Mr. Tryfonos to participate in seminars that take place in various EU countries and offered CyberEthics to sponsor his participation.