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As a EU Kids Online partner, the New Media Lab of CNTI contributed to the Public Consultation of the European Commission on Safer Internet

The Safer Internet Programme launched a public consultation on 'Age Verification, Cross Media Rating and Social Networking'. The New Media Lab of CNTI which is a participating member of the EU Kids Online project took part in the consultation

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on:

Age verification.

Cross media rating and classification.

Online social networking.

The purpose of the public consultation is to gather the knowledge and views of all relevant stakeholders (including public bodies, child safety and consumer organisations, industry). The gathered information will be fed into this year's Safer Internet Forum 2008, which will be dedicated to the above mentioned topics.

For the EU Kids Online contribution regarding Online Social Networking, please follow this link: Public Consultation - EU Kids Online

For a Summary Report on Age Verification and Cross Media Rating, please follow this link: Summary Report - Age Verification & Cross Media Rating

For a list of contributions refer to the website of the European Commission