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Cypriots shop for clothes and books online

(Thursday, November 13, 2008)

CYPRIOTS mostly buy clothes and books online according to 'e-cypriot 08', the first comprehensive survey carried out on the internet behaviour of Cypriots.

The survey, presented yesterday, was conducted by OgilvyOne – the department of interactive media of the Pandora Ogilvy advertising company – and the research company Evresis, whose aim was to inform the media and the general public on the activities of Cypriots on the Internet.

The review was conducted across Cyprus in a final sample of 969 internet users, aged 13 years and above, with the methodology of random multistage stratified sampling. The data was collected through telephone interviews from October 23 until November 6.

According to 'e-Cypriot 08', the main products that Cypriots purchase online are clothes at 32.6 per cent and books at 28.3 per cent. It showed 49.1 per cent of Cypriots who make online purchases spend more than €250 a year, and 12.7 per cent spends more than €1,000.

The findings of the survey reflect the trends regarding the internet and its use in Cyprus. At the same time they are outlining the online profile of Cyprus, by analysing the main reasons for using the internet, the ways in which Cypriots 'surf' and the amounts they spend on the websites visited.

According to the findings, the percentage of the population aged 13 or older who uses the internet amounts to 41.2 per cent, but the greatest use is seen in the workplace. According to the survey, 53.8 per cent of the working people surveyed claim that they only use the internet at the office.

Nicolas Nicolaou, Director of Evresis, said that, "The main reasons Cypriots use the internet are for general information at 54.6 per cent, for entertainment (45.1 per cent) and sports news (31.1 per cent)".

Asked whether they had purchased products from the internet within the last week, 16.8 per cent answered yes.

An equally impressive feature of Cypriot internet users is that almost half of them (47.7 per cent) visited more than eight websites last week, which shows the use of the multiple uses of cyberspace and users' ability to surf comfortably.

Another important component is that the overwhelming majority, an 86.2 per cent, of Cypriots who have access to the internet from home have fast ADSL connection that allows them to download large audiovisual material and watch it from their computer. More than half of internet users are aged 13 to 24.

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