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New Media Lab Associate present at European Conference on e-Learning, 7 Nov 2008

Yiola Papadopoulou presented the article 'The Use of e-Learning in Adult Learning: A Comparative Study Between Six European Countries'


e-Learning is nowadays a very common term not only among academics and students but among people of all disciplines. E-learning has been witnessing an unprecedented expansion in higher and tertiary education. In addition, life-long learning is a key factor for professional, personal and social success of adults in tomorrows' society. The aim of the present study is examine the use of e-Learning among six European countries; Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. Participants from various universities of the six countries were asked to complete an online questionnaire that would reflect their choices and opinion regarding the e-Learning environment they use. A comparison between the responses of the six countries is included. Results suggested there are cross-country differences in choices and opinion on the use of the e-Learning environment. Specifically, Belgium and Poland seem to have the same views on the topic of e-Learning, whereas Cyprus, Germany, Italy and Spain seem to differ in their responses across the various topics examined. Recommendations for future actions include stimulation of students and instructors to use an e-Learning environment as a communication tool and as a didactical tool for teaching purposes; stimulation to use modern ICT methods not only to communicate but also to acquire and exchange knowledge.


Papadopoulou, Y., Aristodemou, E., & Laouris, Y. (2008, Nov). The use of e-learning tools in adult learning: A comparative study between Cyprus and five other European countries. Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on E-Learning, Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

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