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New Media Lab present at European Conference on e-Learning, 6 Nov 2008

Tatjana Taraszow presented the article 'Prediction of Reading Performance Using the MAPS (Mental Attributes Profiling System) Multimodal Interactive ICT Application'


Current literature has put special attention to the issue of reading difficulties. Poor reading performance can suggest possible problems such as dyslexia and other learning disabilities. It is thus important to ensure the early identification of the problem when this exists and provide early intervention to children when needed. The authors of this paper have developed a battery of Internet based applications which collectively operate as a screening test of cognitive abilities capable not only to predict children at risk (e.g., possible dyslexics), but moreover to equip the teacher with a profile of mental abilities relevant for choosing and designing personalized remediation programs. A further constrain that was put was that the system should be language independent, i.e., rely on cognitive rather than language-based measures. This study evaluated the capability of the new computerized cognitive battery of tests to predict reading performance. The MAPS (Mental Attributes Profiling System) battery addressed eight major domains of language-independent tests that have been frequently linked to reading development and/or disability: (1) short-term visual memory, (2) short-term auditory memory, (3) auditory discrimination, (4) visual discrimination, (5) lateral awareness, (6) categorization, (7) sequential processing, and (8) navigational ability. A set of Rapid Naming of pictures and letters and word reading tests (Word Identification and Word Attack) of students attending Grade 2, 4 and 6 was used as the dependent variable of MAPS in predicting reading performance. The analysis of the results suggested five predictors as the strongest, for predicting reading performance; these were lateralization, auditory memory, categorization, sequencing and auditory discrimination. The results suggest these five predictors can be used for early identification of children at risk in order to avoid potential problems in their later learning development.


Aristodemou, E., Taraszow, T., Laouris, Y., Papadopoulos, T., & Makris, P. (2008, Nov). Prediction of reading performance using the MAPS (Mental Attributes Profiling System) multimodal interactive ICT application. Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on E-Learning, Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

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