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Radio Proto & Yianna Loizidou host CyberEthics

Nicos Nicolaou, Head of International & National Relations of CYTA, Yiannis Laouris, Senior Scientist at the Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute & Director of CyberEthics, Alecos Alexandrou, Director of Cytanet and Yiannis Ioannou, Educator and representative of Parents' Association were hosted by Mrs. Yianna Loizidou for almost two hours in a live radio program (17:05-18:50 "Λίγη κουβέντα λίγη μουσική" με Γιάννα Λοιζίδου) to discuss about the dangers of the Internet and invite their audience to the Safer Internet Conference CYTA co-organized with CNTI Feb 9 on the occasion of the SID2009.