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Insafe Press Release Empowering young people in the web 2.0 world

On 6th and 7th July, Insafe Safer Internet centres from countries in the southern European region will meet in Madrid to tackle challenges emerging from young people's rapid take up of web 2.0 technology. More than 60 stakeholders from Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal will attend the event.

Web 2.0 has turned internet into an exciting virtual arena where people can meet and exchange information and content anonymously, at anytime and, unfortunately, often with little regard for human rights and privacy. As young people eagerly embrace the exciting opportunities technology offers to explore the world and its cultures, parents and teachers need to play an increasingly important role. Although technical skills seem to be almost innate for most young people, they often lack the world-wisdom to handle the risks and challenges that such an environment inevitably brings.

The Insafe network is the awareness-raising arm of the European Commission's Safer Internet Programme and comprises national centres in 27 countries across Europe. Its vocation is to empower young people to avoid the pitfalls and get the best out of internet and mobile technology. In Madrid, Insafe will work hand in hand with other Safer Internet projects including the Inhope network of hotlines which run a reporting and take down mechanisms aimed at ridding the internet of illegal content. Law enforcement specialists will enrich the debate with a professional perspective on the most prevalent risks and adapted solutions, whilst industry will broaden the perspective and investigate feasible steps they can take to improve safety. Researchers and NGOs working in child welfare and human rights areas will provide insight on underlying causes and successful strategies in ensuring that all young people enjoy one of their most fundamental rights: a safe environment in which to learn, play and communicate.

The full report that will be broadly disseminated in coming months on the outcome of the meeting should proved a valuable guide to parents, teachers, industry and policy makers. For further information, see

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About Insafe

Insafe is the European Safer Internet awareness-raising network co-funded by the European Commission. It comprises national contact centres across the European Union and in Iceland and Norway, with partner organisations in Argentina, Australia and the USA. Insafe aims at empowering users to benefit from the positive aspects of internet whilst avoiding the potential risks. Further information is available at or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.