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  • Ο περί της Σύμβασης κατά του Εγκλήματος μέσω του Διαδικτύου (Κυρωτικός) Νόμος του 2004 (22(III)/2004)
  • Convention on Cybercrime, Budapest 23.11.2001

The incorporation of the Convention on Cybercrime of Budapest into the Republic's municipal law is stated in Law 22(III)/2004. The following table lists the articles of Chapter II (Measures to be taken at the national level), Section 1 (Substantive criminal law) of the Convention on Cybercrime:

Article 2: Illegal access

Article 3: Illegal interception

Article 4: Data interference

Article 5: System interference

Article 6: Misuse of devices

Article 7: Computer-related forgery

Article 8: Computer-related fraud

Article 9: Offences related to child pornography

Article 10: Offences related to infringements of copyright and related rights

Article 11: Attempt and aiding or abetting

Article 12: Corporate liability

Article 13: Sanctions and measures
In Chapter II: Section 2 is concerned with issues of Procedural law and Section 3 with Jurisdiction. Chapter I of the Convention provides the use of terms; "international co-operation" and "final provisions" are the subjects of Chapters III and IV respectively. The full text of the Convention on Cybercrime can be accessed through the website of the Official Journal of the European Union.

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