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Our Safer Internet Helpline aims to provide the public, children, and teenagers of Cyprus with the means to talk anonymously to someone who may support them psychologically when dealing with Internet risks, as well as to assist in reporting illegal web-pages, activities, and technical and software issues. If you are interested in becoming a Safer Internet Helpline Operator, we have training sessions once a year to prepare new staff for the operator position. By volunteering with the Helpline, you will be providing support to those who ask questions and express concerns about harmful conduct, malicious communication, and harmful content on the Internet.

We value all of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication to helping others. Volunteering with our Helpline will provide you with the opportunity to positively impact another person’s life when they are in need. The Helpline currently operates through a diverse channels of communication as follows:  

Chat:(Opening hours: 3pm - 7pm Monday - Friday)
Phone: 70000 116 (Opening hours: 9am - 7pm Monday - Friday)
Email toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (24 hours a day)
Offline message in chat (24 hours a day)
Mobile Application: 'HotHelp'

By offering some of your time, you will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference, and you can even experience benefits yourself!

For example, you may:

  • Learn more about harmful Internet conduct and its consequences
  • Obtain new skills or increase your existing skills through our training program
  • Gain experience in the field of counseling
  • Develop your ability to listen to others and communicate effectively
  • Meet other volunteers with similar attitudes
  • Help promote a positive online atmosphere
  • Contribute to the well-being of our community
  • Encounter new experiences for personal growth
  • Improve your CV

You may even change someone’s life!

In order to better understand the duties and responsibilities required, please read the “Safer Internet Helpline Training Manual” as well as the rest of the sections of this website. If you have a background in psychology, counseling, or a similar discipline, and have experience in working with people (especially in a Helpline context), then you are a good candidate! If you do not havethis kind of background, you are still encouraged to get involved. For instance, you can be taught all of the relevant knowledge to assist us in coordinating our operations and research.

If you are a parent, educator, professional, or student who would like to disseminate information about Internet Safety to other parents (e.g. a school’s Parents Association), colleagues, or fellow practitioners, we can provide you with relevant information leaflets and background knowledge for you to present. Presentations and speeches by Helpline representatives can also be arranged.

Research organizations and independent research associates are also welcome to contact us in regards to possible collaborations.

If you are interested in any of the above or if you would like more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..