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Filtering - Blocking Software

The internet has become a vital component of our everyday lives and students are not an exception. Both parents and teachers are highly concerned about the fact that children can encounter inappropriate content or get engaged in unethical for their young age activities while surfing the Internet. Lots of filtering and blocking software programs for computers have been launched the last decade aiming at providing a shield of protection to the kids from the dark side of the Internet. But let’s now consider our new reality. Besides computers, children now utilize other types of electronic devices which can be connected to the Internet. Smartphones and tablets have now become their new toys which can accompany children wherever they go, inside and outside home. It’s thus important to secure all electronic devices used by children with a filtering and blocking software program which can provide a level of protection to a child who exploits the vast opportunities of the Internet in a responsible manner.

There are various filtering and blocking software programs available in the market which can be downloaded onto your electronic device and empower you to block types of sites you consider to be inappropriate for your students. These programs work in different ways. Some prevent users from entering certain types of information such as their name and address. Certain software filters and restricts access to webpages based on a list of keywords which is created by the teacher. For example, the teacher can block access to the sites which contain the word “sex” or “pornography” and thus preventing the children from coming across inappropriate content. Generally, these programs can be configured by you to only block the types of sites that you consider to be objectionable.

However, it is crucial to realize that filtering and blocking programs cannot protect your students from all dangers online; they are not 100% effective in keeping inappropriate content from anybody's electronic device. Filtering and blocking programs are not a substitute for critical thinking. Filtering and blocking software cannot replace internet safety awareness which is vital for students in order to apprehend and be conscious about the variety of risks and dangers hidden behind a beautifully appealing screen.

Considering the vast amount of filtering and blocking software out there, we have done the research for you and what follows is a list of some of the best ranked filtering and blocking software available in the market. Some of them can be freely downloaded while some other options require a paid subscription. Keep in mind that the list is not limited as new apps launch quite often, so please keep an eye and read up-to-date reviews in order to have a comprehensive understanding of what each software can provide to assist on the protection of your students.


Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems

K9 Web Protection Qustodio Open DNS Norton Family
Kidlogger NetNanny Witigo Covenant Eyes



Norton Family Premier Qustodio Eset Parental Control Covenant Eyes
NetNanny Kids Place Screen Time Funamo
Safe Browser - The Web Filter AppLock Familoop Mobistealth
Mobile Spy Auto forward spy Witigo Mobicip Monitor



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Net Nanny Netsanity OurPact Qustodio
Familoop Kidslox Phonesheriff Mobistealth
Mobile Spy Auto forward spy Screen Time Mobicip Monitor